Robert T Rush Esq – Law Offices

Founder & Principal

Robert Rush is an experienced attorney with a passion for advocating for change in the fields of psychedelics and plant medicine law. With 19 years of legal experience, he has dedicated his current practice to fighting for the rights of individuals and organizations involved in these emerging and transformative industries.

Robert’s journey began at the University of Colorado Law School, where he honed his legal skills and developed a deep understanding of the complexities entrepreneurial law Following graduation, he joined a prominent national law firm, where he spent nearly a decade working on high-profile litigation matters in the realm of complex corporate litigation. This experience equipped me with invaluable insights into navigating the legal landscape and provided me with a strong foundation for his future work.

Driven by his passion for plant medicines and their potential for positive change, he made the decision to shift his focus to first, cannabis law, and now, psychedelic law. Recognizing the need for legal expertise in these rapidly evolving spaces, he embarked on a path to become a trusted advocate for entrepreneurs, therapists, healing center start-ups, and non-profit groups dedicated to reforming drug policy.

His commitment to staying at the forefront of this dynamic field led him to actively engage with various organizations and industry leaders. Currently, he has the privilege of serving as the Chair of the New York City Bar Association’s Psychedelic Law Subcommittee, where he contributes to shaping policies and regulations that reflect the evolving landscape of psychedelic law.

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